About Semper

Semper exists for a reason: we believe that everyone should have the right to eat great food. In over 80 years, we have been producing food that makes a difference. Food that makes children grow and develop. Food that contributes to a gluten-free life. Food you can feel safe eating, and that delights already from the first bite. The word “Semper” means always, but it is not just a brand name. It is also our philosophy – to always improve.

We are proud of our origin and our history, but we do not live on former glories. Instead, we aim for improvement and development based on the latest research. It has resulted in today’s Semper – a market leading company within the Baby food and Gluten-free segment in the Nordic.

What does Semper do?

It all started with pioneer Ninni Kronberg inventing a way to dry milk in the 1930’s. Today, it is Baby food, Gluten-free, and Infant formula that is our primary segments – and nutritious, safe, and tasty food that is our core.