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More about the company Semper

The well-known Semper brand guarantees the same high quality as back then when we first started producing food in 1939. Today’s Semper has a leading position on the Nordic market within baby food, gluten-free products, and infant milk formula.

The production of gruel, infant milk formula and gluten-free mixes takes place in our factory in Götene. Our gluten-free crisp bread is baked in our bakery in Korsnäs, Dalarna. Our head office is situated in Stockholm, Sundbyberg, and our other Nordic offices are located to Oslo, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.

Människor i mötesrum

Company overview

  1. Founded in 1939.
  2. Nordic leading company when it comes to baby food, gluten-free products and infant milk formula.
  3. Around 275 employees in the Nordics.
  4. Factory in Götene and bakery in Falun.
  5. Approximately SEK 1,5 billion in sales.
  6. Part of the international food company Hero Group with around 4000 employees in 19 countries.
Semperfabriken i Götene

Gruel, porridge & formula from Götene

The best conditions for producing gruel, porridge and infant milk formula are in Götene. In Götene, there is a good supply of safe raw materials from nearby farms in Västergötland and workers with high knowledge and long experience. In recent years, large investments have been made in our factory in Götene. Both in terms of building knowledge and improvement of standard procedures, as well as in equipment to maintain a top of the class factory to meet the required standards. Götene is a biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO, which has been the ideal location for our factory for nearly 80 years.

Crispbread from bakery in Korsnäs

Tradition and innovation have been obvious ingredients since our bakery in Korsnäs started in 1920. Crispy and traditional gluten-free crispbread is produced in a traditional way based on our workers/baker’s professional expertise. Crispbread with gluten-free ingredients that makes it possible for us to continue providing/offering exciting and varied crispbread for generation to generation – regardless of occasion, taste and preference!

Knäckebröd i produktion
Knäckebröd i produktion

Baby food dishes & pouches from Murcia

In one of Europe´s most modern factories in Murcia, Spain, our baby-food dishes are produced. Baby-food with taste and nutrition based on Nordic recipes developed in Sweden.

Our conviction is to always produce food with ingredients of the highest quality. The ingredients origins are also something we take into consideration, the closer to our factory it grows, the easier it is to ensure a sustainable production.

What do we mean by baby food quality?

There are only a few raw materials that meet the requirements for producing baby food. Baby food is governed by a law which put very high demands on raw materials used for production of baby-food. It means that only a fraction of the world’s raw materials is of such high quality that they can be used as ingredients in baby food.

Baby food quality means that the limit values for pesticide residues, heavy metals and mold toxins is strictly regulated compared to other foods. Furthermore, baby food quality also ensures that there are no preservatives or food colours added.

Semper – a part of the Hero Group

Since 2006, Semper has been a part of the food company Hero Group. Hero is an international concern with its roots in Lenzburg, Schweiz. It is family-owned and was established in 1886. Today it contains several well-known brands, both locally and on an international level.

Hero Group´s core categories are baby food, infant milk formula, gluten-free, jam, marmalades and healthy snacks. The mission has always been to delight consumers by the goodness of nature, which is Hero´s philosophy.

Tillverkning av modersmjölksersättning, Götene

Hero invests in Götene

In 2018, Hero made large investments in Götene as a part of the improvement of the factory, to meet the strict requirements when it comes to hygiene and safety. The investments are estimated to triple the capacity of our production of infant milk formula. This also means Hero will move its manufacturing of infant milk to Götene and produce infant milk for several of the group’s markets outside the Nordics.