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Palmolja policy

Palm oil is in many aspects a good, vegetable oil. At the same time the production of the oil suffers from social and environmental challenges. We have agreed to the following policy regarding the use of Palm oil under the Semper brand.

Semper Brand policy on use of palm oil

  • Never use palm oil in our Baby food products
  • No new products will be launched with palm oil
  • Clear plan to replace palm oil in our remaining Gluten free assortment
    • In the meantime - use 100% Certified palm oil by end of 2020 – today 88%
    • 100% palm oil free by end of 2022


Semper Baby food – 100% free from palm oil

In 2020 we update our recipes for our Semper Infant formula and follow-on formula and replace palm oil with milkfat. This means that all our Semper Baby food products are now free from palm oil.

Semper Gluten free – Working on it

In our Gluten free assortment, we are free from palm oil in 65% of the product and we are working with a clear plan to up-date the rest of the recipes.

Already accomplished

We are constantly working to improve our recipes. Below you can read about our recent efforts that also included new compositions without palm oil.

  1. In 2012: All Semper Gluten free soft bread range – New palm oil free recipes
  2. In 2013: All Semper Välling & Baby porridge range – New palm oil free recipes
  3. In 2015: All Semper Gluten free Crispbread range - New palm oil free recipes
  4. In 2020: All Semper Infant formula and Follow-on-formula range - New palm oil free recipes - Semper BabySemp & Semper Allomin
  5. In 2020:  Semper Pharma assortment - Baby Drops, D-vitamin and Magdroppar/Drops/Tablets – New palm oil free composition Re-formulation on-going. Roll-out Q2 2020

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